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Phoebe Buffay (played by Lisa Kudrow) is the kinda cazy one in the gang. She's known best for her music (go to Phoebe's songs at the top of the screen) at Central Perk.
Before Friends, Phoebe lived with Monica, but before driven to insanity by Monica, moved in with her Grandmother. After her Grandmother died, Phoebe kept the apartment and had a roomate called Denise. In season 6 when Denise was out of town her roomate was Rachel. Their apartment was burned down  shortly after, so she moved into her former apartment and lived in the guest bedroom of Monica and Chandler's. When she was allowed to live in the apartment again, Rachel said that living with Joey, (who she moved in with), was better on her part. So Phoebe has the aparment to herself.
Phoebe sings in Central Perk for free. She is also a mausee.
Phoebe's main relationship only lasted one episode. It was to David the scienist guy, who had to move to Minsk a week or so after they met.

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