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Info. About Moi!

Hi! My name is Phoebe Solomon, and your on my About Me, part of my site.
My Favourite T.V. Shows are:
3rd rock from the sun,
The vicar of Dibley,
Mad About You,
The Simpsons
My family,
My hero,
Father Ted,
Malcolm in the middle,
Rasing Dad.
My Favourite movies are:
Miss Congenitally,
My Big Fat Greek Wedding,
Harry Potter and the Phiospler Stone,
Moulin Rouge,
Monsters' inc.
My favourite book is Harry Potter, but i won't say no to The Baby Sitters Club either!
My favourite musicals are:
Beauty and the Beast,
Les Miserables.
My Friends:
I don't know why but I always end up with the craziest Friends. Anyway, at the moment, I have 5 main Friends. I'll just put their nicknames:
We all knew her well we knew anyone else. She loves cats and is nothing but a tomboy!
Called this because of her surname Knich, Knichy is the most crazy. She is also a bit of a tomboy and she loves Gareth Gates, (for some reason!)
The smallest of the group, and also the quietest. She is always late for form and never brings in absents notes!
The tallest of the group, knew Chez in Primany school. She likes watching the music channel in the libary at school.
The newest member of the group who recently moved schools. The only member of our group who supports Man U. We keep on asking her why, and she says that they're good for some reason. Even though deep down she knows they're RUBBISH! She is also sitting right next to me now and trying to delte this!
So those are my friends!

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My Favourite Links