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Welcome Nature

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3 May:

Wow! Has it been that long since I last updated this site. Well, i've got exams soon and been focusing on them mostly! Sorry, still not many updates again. I've added a links page, one more friend of mine on the about me page and a new Opinion Page. Please go to that and write your opininon, you'll understand when you get there! Also, please sign my guestbook!





2nd March:

Sorry I haven't updated for a while, but i've had other things on my mind. There aren't that many changes this time unfortuanately! Anyway, everyone who has, thanks for voting for me in the 'top friends sites'


12th January:

Well, the reason I haven't updated this site in ages is because i've added alot more things. I've now got pictures, polls and even a guest book.

Please have a look around all the new bits and please vote for me via. the link above.

Thanks, Pheebs.



Ringing Bells

Click on the link below for a bio. on the newest friend, Baby Emma Geller-Green.

Emma Bio.

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