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A small recap of what happen in the episode:

101: T.O.W. The Pilot or T.O.W. Monica gets a new roomate.
Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) runs out on her wedding, and seeks refuge with Monica (Courtney Cox Arquette. Ross(David Schhiwer) mourns over the fact that his wife has left him for another woman, and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) urge him to "grab a spoon" - get on with it. Monica dates Paul the Wine Guy, and is shocked to find that he lied to her. Rachel tries to gain her indepence, and Ross "grabs a spoon".
102: T.O.W. The Sonogram at the end.
Ross finds out that his ex-wife, Carol, is pregnant with his baby, and wants him to be involved as much or as little as he wants. He goes to see the baby's first sonogram, and falls in love with it. Jack and Judy come to dinner with Ross and Monica, and pick on Monica until she urges Ross to tell them about Carol. Rachel loses her engagement ring... but she has to return it the next day. She finds out that Barry has been dating Mindy.
103: T.O.W. The Thumb

Phoebe receives $7000 dollars that she does not want after finding a thumb in a can of soda. Chandler begins to smoke again - until Phoebe gives him the $7000 if he stops. Monica dates a guy named Alan, whom the gang love - but how will she break the news that she plans to break up with him?
104: T.O.W. George Stephanopoulos

Ross is upset because it is the anniversary of the first time he "did it" with Carol, so the guys take him to a hockey game to cheer him up - but he gets sent to Casualty after being hit in the face with the puck. Rachel is visited by her spoilt friends, who depress her, and she and the girls get drunk and depressed. They spy on George Stephanopoulos, a handsome congressman from across the street.
105: TOW The East German Laundry Detergant

Chandler and Phoebe decide to break up with Janice and Tony on the same night; Phoebe's goes really well but Chandler has a harder time. Ross arranges to do laundry with Rachel and Monica; Monica cancels, leaving just the two of them; Rachel reveals she's never done laundry before... and accidentally dyes all her white clothes pink. Joey wants his ex-girlfriend (Angela) to break up with her boyfriend (Bob), so he arranges for Monica and him to double date with them... but he tells Monica that Angela and Bob are siblings. Janice buys Chandler Bullwinkle socks. Rachel is so happy about her laundry experience that she kisses Ross.
106: TOW The Butt

Joey has a part in the play Freud!, and is spotted by the Estelle Leonard Talent Agency, who get him a job in the new Al Pacino movie - as Al's butt. He later gets fired for over-acting. Chandler meets a beautiful woman, Aurora, and they get on great - but Aurora is married, AND has a lover or two. Including Chandler. He wants more than just a half hour of sex each day, and they part ways. Rachel moves the green ottoman - how will Monica ever cope?!
107: TOW The Blackout

NYC is the victim of a sudden blackout, so the gang take refuge in Monica's apartment, except for Chandler, who is stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre-Connick. He is overcome with nerves, as he has a massive crush on the model, and is thrilled when she eventually kisses him. Meanwhile, back at Mon's, the gang are discussing the weirdest places they have ever had sex... except Rachel, who declares "the foot of the bed", with Barry. She frets about not ever being in a passionate relationship, so Ross consoles her. They are talking on the balcony, and Ross is about to reveal all, when a cat lands on his head. Pheebs and Rach look around the building for the cat's owner, and eventually find Paolo, an Italian guy, who owns the kitty. They are back in number 20 when the lights come on... and we see Rachel and Paolo making out.

108: TOW Nana Dies Twice

Chandler discovers that many people think he is gay, and struggles to find out why - only making things worse when he finds out people think he is incapable of getting the "good" gay guys. Paolo sends Rachel gifts from Rome, making Ross jealous. Ross and Monica's grandmother dies suddenly, but when Ross and Monica go to say goodbye, they find that she hasn't passed, she's present. Until she dies again. At Nana's funeral, Ross falls into an open grave and injures his back. He takes painkillers to help numb the pain, but ends up getting high from them instead. Joey and Jack listen to the football match during the wake. Monica discovers that Nana was harsh on Judy, the Queen of Mean, and Judy doesn't think that she is harsh to her own daughter... and then tells her that she looks nice.

109: TOW Underdog Gets Away

Rachel works overtime to get the money to go skiing, but fails, until the gang give her the money she needs for the flight. Monica plans a Thanksgiving meal for herself and Ross because their parents are going away. Joey poses for a health poster - but becomes the VD guy. His family shun him from their Thanksgiving meal because of his "illness", and he plans to attend Monica's meal. Phoebe agrees to spend Thanksgiving with Ross and Monica, because she has no plans for the day. Chandler is boycotting Thanksgiving. Underdog from the parade escapes, and the gang go to watch it on the roof. Rachel locks the gang out of number 20, the food burns, and she misses her flight. Ugly Naked Guy brings a lady friend home, and there is Ugly Naked Dancing, but he helps the gang to realise that even though their Thanksgivings sucked and they end up eating cheese sarnies, at least they have each other.

110: TOW The Monkey

Ross takes in a small Capuchin monkey, and calls him Marcel. The gang make a no-date pact for New Year. Phoebe falls in love with David, a scientist, and invites him to New Year... but then he leaves early to go to Minsk. Paolo returns from Rome early, so Rachel asks him to New Year, Monica asks Fun Bobby, Joey asks Sandy, a single mom with two kids, and Chandler asks Janice. However, all of the gang end up alone at the crucial moment.

111: TOW Mrs. Bing

Chandler's romance-writing, embarrassing, young-looking mother, Nora Tyler Bing, comes to visit him - after embarassing him on Jay Leno. Nora takes the gang and Paolo out for a meal, but Ross becomes so depressed by Paolo and Rachel's romantic antics that he ends up making out with Nora. Chandler is not best pleased. Monica and Phoebe help a guy to get injured in a truck vs cute guy accident, and spend time trying to help coma guy by shaving him, etc etc. But will he be just as nice when he's awake?

112: TOW The Dozen Lasagnas

Monica makes 12 lasagnas for her aunt - but she didn't know that Auntie wanted veggie ones, so she's stuck with them. She tries to fob them off to everyone - including vegetarians Phoebe and Susan. Paolo makes a pass at Phoebe, who agonises over whether to tell Rachel or not. When Rachel finds out, she dumps Paolo. Everyone knows the sex of the baby, except for Ross... until Rachel accidentally tells him. Chandler and Joey buy a new, fun table.

113: TOW The Boobies

Chandler sees Rachel's breasts, and that leads to a series of peepings as the gang try to get their own back on each other. Joey's dad comes for a visit, and Joey finds out that he has been having an affair with Ronni for six years. Wanting to do the right thing, he tells his mom, who isn't pleased. She knew - and didn't want it to stop. Joey's mortified. Phoebe gets a new boyfriend, a psychiatrist, who analyzes everyone, and depresses them.

114: TOW The Candy Hearts

It's Valentine's Day, and Ross goes on a date with a Kristen, a woman from his apartment building, but Carol and Susan show up at the same restaurant. When Susan gets leaves, Ross pays so much attention to Carol that he doesn't even notice his date has gone. Joey agrees to take Chandler along on a date so that his date's friend will have a date - but the friend is Janice. They end up in bed together, and Janice is thrilled about their new relationship, so much so that she gets candy hearts engraved with Chan&Jan4ever. She gets dumped. Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel have a cleansing ritual to rid themselves of bad luck with men, which turns into a fire, but they manage to get dates with the firemen.

115: TOW The Stoned Guy

Chandler gets offered a promotion - but he decides to quit instead. His boss offers him more and more money, but he sticks to his principles... until the value gets so high he can't believe it, and takes it. But he finds himself becoming a career-involved geek. Oh no. One of Phoebe's clients needs a new chef, so Monica offers to audition - but the guy's stoned. Monica refuses to work for him. Ever. Ross dates Celia, who wants him to talk dirty, but for that, he might just need help... from Joey.

116: TOW Two Parts: Part 1

Chandler and Joey meet Phoebe in a restaurant, but she ignores them. Or maybe they've just seen the other Buffay twin, Ursula. Chandler finds them identical, but Joey thinks they're different - Urs is *hot*, but Pheebs is just Phoebe! Joey begins to date Ursula, but Phoebe is jealous, because she doesn't get on with her twin. Marcel switches Monica's telly into Spanish mode, and no one can get it off. Chandler dates an employee... but then he has to fire her. Ross goes to a Lamaze class with Carol and Susan, but Carol panics. Big time. In fact, she doesn't want to have the baby anymore. Ross realises that he's going to have a baby. Rachel finally gets around to taking down the outside Christmas lights... but falls from the balcony.

117: TOW Two Parts: Part 2

Joey misses Phoebe's birthday party because, shockingly, it's also Ursula's birthday, and he wants to take her out. However, Ursula tells Phoebe that she doesn't want to carry on seeing Joey, but doesn't plan on telling him. Phoebe masquerades as Ursula and tells Joey it's over - but the kiss gives her away. Ross panics about being a dad. Monica takes Rachel to hospital, where they meet two cute doctors... but Rachel doesn't have insurance, so she pretends to be Monica. However, when the doctors ask them out, they say yes. During the date, the girls end up having a huge argument, and yell each others' faults for all to hear... but Monica goes one step to far when she tells Rachel's dad about the time she slept with Billy Dreskin. Marcel chokes on a scrabble tile, and Ross has to rush him to hospital. He realises he could be a good dad.

118: TOW All The Poker

Rachel gets tired of being a waitress, and decides to send out resumes. When she gets an interview with Saks Fifth Avenue, she and the girls are thrilled... but will they want her? The gang decide to play poker... but only the guys know how to, and Monica can't stand losing. She asks her Aunt Iris to help the girls, and they learn the tricks. Just in the middle of a big game of girls vs guys, Rachel gets a call from Saks. They don't want her. Ross tries to make her feel better, by "giving" her money during a battle of Geller vs Green... but did he cheat?

119: TOW The Monkey Gets Away

Rachel finds out that Barry, her ex-fiancÚ, and Mindy, her former best friend and bridesmaid, are engaged, and begins to show a bit of interest in dating. Ross decides to ask her out... but gets sidetracked when she loses Marcel. Rachel, trying to help, calls Animal Control... but she doesn't know that little Marcel is an "illegal immigrant". And Luisa, the animal control woman, remembers Rachel and Monica from high school - and she hated them. Is it curtains for Marcel? No, 'cause Luisa misses, and shoots Phoebe instead. Ouch. Just as Ross and Rachel are talking about "feelings", and it looks like something might happen, Barry bursts in. He's in love with Rachel. Oh dear.

120: TOW The Evil Orthodontist

Someone is spying on the gang... and it's a woman. A cute one. Joey's pleased, and so's Monica when she gets a compliment on the dress she is wearing. Chandler obsesses about his new girlfriend, Danielle, and wonders whether it is too needy to call her. Rachel sleeps with Barry... but feels guilty when she thinks about Mindy. After all, they were good friends - Mindy even taught her how to kiss! Did she, wonders Joey. Wow. Rachel calls Mindy, to explain. Mindy reveals that she did the same thing when Rachel was engaged to Barry. They go to break it off with Barry... but Mindy bottles out. Someone *really* wants to be Mrs Dr Barry Farber!

121: TOW The Fake Monica

Monica's credit card gets stolen, and when she meets the thief, she decides that she has a much better life than her. "Monana" and Fake Monica get along brilliantly, and Monica becomes much more reckless... until Fake Monica is arrested for credit card theft. Oops. Joey tries to choose a stage name - Joey Tribiani isn't neutral enough. But Joseph Stalin's good... or Holden McGroin. Marcel reaches sexual maturity, and Ross must give him up. But how do you get a New York monkey into a zoo?

122: TOW The Ick Factor

Phoebe is looking for a job... and Chandler needs a secretary. Perfect. That is, until he finds out that everyone in his office hates him. They mimic his weird way of talking - could they BE anymore Chandler? Ross gets a new pager, so that Carol can tell him when she goes into labour. He gets many false alarms... including calls to 55-JUMBO, and Ross might be a *big* disappointment. Monica dates Young Ethan, whom she later dunmps... just 'cause it's "icky". Rachel dreams about the guys... Chandler, Chandler and Joey, and finally, Ross. Just as Ross is about to confront her, his pager goes off. Carol's having a baby. This is big news. So big, that Monica doesn't want to go. She's too emotional. And Ross? He's fine... until it sinks in.

123: TOW The Birth

Everyone is at the hospital, waiting for Carol to give birth. However, whilst Carol is *occupied*, the Friends and Susan are causing havoc in the hospital. Monica is fretting over the fact that she is single and has no children, so Chandler offers to have a child with her when she's forty. She's not happy - she thinks that Chandler is implying that she won't be married when she's forty. Rachel is all dressed up and is trying to flirt with Carol's doctor, who is so occupied with her that he has no time for the contracting, dilating woman. Phoebe, Ross and Susan get locked in a store room, and nearly miss the momentous event. Joey becomes an expert on childbirth, after he helps a single mom, Lydia, give birth. Ross and Susan manage to be with Carol during the event... it's a boy!

124: TOW Rachel Finds Out

It's Rachel's birthday, and the gang are partying! Oh, except Ross, 'cause he's gotta go to China - the country, not the place in Chandler's mom's closet. He leaves a prezzie for Rach, though. Joey's invited his new girlfriend to the party. Her name's Melanie, and she's a fruit basket maker. Joey really likes her, but he unfortunately cannot have sex with her... he's participating in a *study* at the museum. He's donating sperm. It's kinda hard for him to resist Melanie's advances... but "be there for HER", Monica suggests. Great! Melanie loves it! Meanwhile, back at the party, Rachel is shocked to find out what Ross' present is. A ridiculously expensive brooch. Wow. Of course, when Ross was in love with Carol, he... wait a moment. Ross is in love with her?! Well done, Chandler. He's told Rachel the big news. Does she feel the same way? Well, she goes to the airport to meet him. But he's got a new friend.

Season 2 hopefully coming soon!

I didn't write these desprictions. I got them from a website about 2 weeks back, but can't remember where.