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Monica Geller/Bing (played by Courtney Cox Arquette) is the control freck of the group. Monica is always cleaning and organising anything she can. She loves to be the hostess when the gang is in her apartment.
Her roomate before Friends started in 1994 was Phoebe, but Phoebe moved out to her grandma's before Friends had begun. Then when Rachel Green came along, Monica had another roomate. Rachel also happened to be her best friend from High School. After six years, her boyfriend and future hunsband Chandler Bing move in, and Rachel when to live with Phoebe.
Monica has had two famous realtionships. The first is Richard (Guest star Tom  Selleck.) That is ended over the talk of babies. The second is as we mentioned before, Chandler Bing. Monica married Chandler at the end of season 7, and are now trying to get pregant!

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