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Ross Geller, (Played by David Schhiwer), is the boring one of the gang. He is always correcting people's grammer and talking about dinosaures.
After he and is lesiban wife Carol divorced, he moved into his own apartment and had a sort-of-roomate. A monkey called Marcel. After he started humping everything and needed to be sent to zoo, Ross was alone again. After he divorced his second wife Emily he lost his apartment, and had to move in with Joey and Chandler for a while then moved into 'Ugly Naked Guy's' apartment. When he got his ex-girlfriend and wife Rachel pregant, she also moved in so he could feel like a father.
Ross has benn divorced three times. First wasn't his fault, it was because his wife Carol, after a 8 year marriage, found out she was a lebisan. She now lives with her wife Susan, and her and Ross's 7-year-old son Ben. The second was denfinately his fault, when in the vows he said 'Take thee Rachel' instead of 'Take thee Emily'. The third one he didn't now he had, because it happen when he and his ex-girlfriend Rachel were drunk. They divorced shortly afterwards. He and Rachel now have a newly born daughter called Emma, (look in Emma Bio.)

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